Study of Customer Satisfaction for Tata Commercial Vehicles

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Project Report


“Study of Customer Satisfaction for
TATA Commercial Vehicles”

Undertaken at

Shree Ambica Auto Sales & Service
(Authorised dealer of TATA Motors)


The following are the main players in the Production of Commercial Vehicles in India:
• Ashok Leyland Ltd.
• Hindustan Motors Ltd.
• Telco
• Force Motors Ltd. (Previously known as Bajaj Tempo Ltd)
• Eicher Motors Ltd.
• Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
• Swaraj Mazda Ltd.
Tata Motors

Authorised dealer of TATA Motors

Shree Ambica Auto Sales & Service started its operation as TELCO Authorised Service Station in 1994 and as an authorised dealer of TATA Motors Commercial Vehicles from 2000 for
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Research Instrument:
The most effective research instrument for data collection is questionnaire, for this study the structured questionnaire will be used. This questionnaire will be administered through face-to-face interviews.

Pre-testing of questionnaire:
It is necessary to check the questionnaire, before actual research is done. Therefore pilot testing is done. In this case, pilot testing will be done for 10 respondents. And based on the feedback, the questionnaire was fine-tuned.

6. Sampling Design
Sampling Method:
Judgment Sampling

Defining the target population
Element: Present customers of Shree Ambica Auto Sales & Service
Sampling unit: At present customers
Extent: Surat, Bardoli, Ankleshwar and Bharuch
Sample size: Considering both TIME & MONEY constraints, I would like to go for survey of 136 respondents. Data Analysis:
Data Analysis will be done using SPSS software (Statistical Package for Social Science). SPSS is used because findings can be generated instantly. Also multiple features of SPSS help in applying various tests to reach to accurate conclusions.

7. Limitations of Research:
One of the major limitations is that there was always going to be time limitation as the project was of limited period only and money together was always going to be a constraint.

The total number of respondents is 136, which is very small compared to the population size. Therefore, the

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