Study of Internal Recruiting and External Recruiting

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Study of internal recruiting and external recruiting Introduction In businesses, people are the most crucial resource and every company aims to absorb talented people to fill the vacancies of managerial positions, therefore recruitment has become more and more important as an indispensable part of business. In order to select the highly qualified and competent employees, the enterprise designs a recruitment, which consists of two different methods: internal recruiting and external recruiting. Nevertheless, the number of the vacancies in companies is limited. To find the right people for these particular jobs, employers fill those positions with either internal hires or external hires. In general, existing employees in the firms are…show more content…
As the processes might hardly be operated with strict and approved rules or policies it can bring a deal of tension in the organization. When the rules are not clear, existing employees may infight with each other, as a result, it can be easier for the companies to lose their employees hunted by other competitors. Though this issue looks quite simple to deal with, but in fact, it might lead to huge issues and conflicts in the organization and have a serious effect on the performance of all members of the team. Similarly, concerning to external recruitment, most companies do not tend to find new members. Owing to the expensive cost of advertising, recruiting, interviewing and also it becomes very time-consuming. On the contrary, internal employees are recruited or promoted, this is the far more cost-effective and appropriate way to hire in time. Most importantly, with the requirement of knowing the organization well, the human resource management function should offer employees many kinds of training of the background information, such as general objective, general policy, enterprise culture just to mention a few. Also, they need to learn their new profession description, because of the unfamiliarity of the businesses, cultures, and environments of the organization, mostly the existing employees do not have the knowledge and experience to handle the present job so that they will
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