Study of Milestone 3's Mobile Phone Implementation Plan

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Milestone 3: Mobile Phone Implementation Plan Technology or Business Practices For Milestone to be successful with their mobile platform strategy their strength of integration needs to progress beyond TCP/IP and encompass the emerging technologies and standards that will lead to tablets becoming the dominant development platform of the future. At the center of these technologies are secured enterprise access encryption and remote management support including device-wide wipe and replace security architectures (Gold, 2011). These technologies make it possible for Milestone to manage each of their applications remotely and also completely erase the contents of a device if it is lost or stolen. A second major design criterion is to create an effective Application Programmer Interface (API) architecture that allows for any of the Milestone applications and associated resource calls including database integrations to gain real-time access speeds (Proffitt, 2011). The expectation customers have for smartphone and tablet PC access today includes real-time performance at a minimum with periodic application updates not requiring reboot of the device required (The Economist, 2011). This is the new normal when it comes to device performance and requires an intensive level of integration within a given device in addition to database and system integration requirements. Apple has been able to successful enterprise market for their iPhone and iPad Series of devices by concentrating on

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