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GCSE English Study of spoken language essay In this essay I am going to study the similarities and differences of two different interviews that JK Rowling is in. One of them is JK Rowling being interviewed by an American woman about her childhood, the other is being interviewed on Blue Peter by the presenters and children. In the childhood interview JK Rowling is wearing very dark clothing, her make-up is quite dark as it doesn’t brighten her face up and her hair is looking very dull. She looks rather tired and fed up in this interview. I don’t think JK Rowling feels comfortable in this interview as it makes her reflect on her childhood and this would be very uncomfortable for someone who’s been bullied and someone who hasn’t had an…show more content…
She makes eye contact with the interviewers and the children when they ask her questions and is sat up straight. She jokes with the children and bends down to keep the same eye level as them when the children ask her questions and when she talks to them. I think this is because JK doesn’t want to feel as if she is intimidating the children by talking down to them. The interview overall is very positive and JK Rowling seems very comfortable, she even talks about her home life about how when she asks her four year old son “... what does Mummy do he says Harry Potter...” There is a big emphasis on Harry Potter and she says it in a very jokingly and loving way. The only bit of negativity within this interview is when a child asks why she decided to kill Dumbledore and she replies “Not because I’m horrible... but because it’s an important part of the story. And he is dead.” Then the presenter asks a few times is he really dead, JK seems to be slightly annoyed by the fact she keeps getting asked if he’s really dead as it could make her feel as if he’s question her authority and questioning what she’s written and if she’s right to have done so. She replies “Yes, I should know shouldn’t I? If anyone should know I should know.” She cuts the interviewer short as she has come to answer the children’s questions and not the interviewers. Throughout both interviews JK Rowling was the most comfortable in the Blue Peter interview rather than the interview about her childhood. I

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