Study of Tractor Vibration and Ergonomic Design of Tractor Seat for Operators Comfort

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A Report on STUDY OF TRACTOR VIBRATION AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN OF TRACTOR SEAT FOR OPERATORS COMFORT INDEX |Sr. No. |Content |Page No. | |1 |Objectives |1 | |2 |Introduction |2-4 | |3 |Reviews |5-10 | |4 |Vibration Studies |11-29…show more content…
Vibration transmission has been reported to cause back problems because of tissue failure or from metabolic interference, or a combination of both. Vibration occurs in all moving bodies and tractors are no exception. It results from the interaction of the vehicle with the rough terrain and from the power source. The level of ride vibration on tractors during normal operation frequently exceeds the internationally accepted levels. The analysis of the ride vibration is a complex issue especially for off-road condition, as the vibration is in category of multi-degree of system and cawed by many components, in the system. Operating speed, surface conditions, wheel air pressure, tire cas stiffness, mounting mechanism of the seat, cab or body parts cause infirnth variable outcome. A considerable amount of time and energy has been spent in minimizing this vibration problem. Suspended seats fitted to most tractors reduce the vertical component of vibration, but the levels are still undesirably high and there is little potential for further improvement using this technique. A further reduction in the vibration level may be obtained by introducing wheel suspension, but it makes the system complicated and costly. Cab suspension is another method of
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