Study of the Influence of Teacher Effectiveness

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1.1 Background to the study
As a teacher in the secondary school system in Nigeria for many years, experience has shown that, there are two categories of teachers – the good or effective teachers, and the bad or ineffective teachers’ observable from among teachers in the school system.
The effective teachers are perceived to be fully equipped naturally and professionally to lead their students to success in competitive standardized tests, as well as inculcate in them, values that would make them exhibit behaviours that are generally desirable and acceptable.
On the other hand, the ineffective teachers do not care about the success of their students in examinations, and, in some cases, students who pass through such teachers,
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This behaviour has the tendency of reducing productivity and efficiency on the part of the teachers. These ill-behaved teachers as they may be described may tend to produce their types from among the students, since children tend to emulate adults they see as their models. In the fore-going descriptions of teachers in the school system, it is evident that, there exists two categories of teachers, but what attributes or characteristics define the effective and ineffective teachers?
Highet (1977), in identifying the kinds of teachers, said that, there are good or effective teachers, and bad or ineffective teachers, and amateur teachers who are neither good enough nor too bad in teaching activities. In this study, the researcher categorized teachers into two, because whatever that is not good, in definitely, bad. Denigrating the bad teachers, Highet (1977), said that bad teaching wastes a great deal of effort, and spoils many lives which might have been full of energy and happiness. Giving support for the existence of effective and ineffective teachers in the school system, Vernon cited in Gammage (1971), said that most of those in the teaching profession who are well adjusted are somewhat extroverted, but many other personality types do excellent work and that there are certainly, large number of misfits. The researcher, through a wide range of consultation in various literatures, has firmly established the
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