Study on Balanced Scorecard of Commercial Bank in Performance Management System

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ISBN 978-952-5726-00-8 (Print), 978-952-5726-01-5 (CD-ROM) Proceedings of the 2009 International Symposium on Web Information Systems and Applications (WISA’09) Nanchang, P. R. China, May 22-24, 2009, pp. 206-209 Study on Balanced Scorecard of Commercial Bank in Performance Management System Yansheng Zhang1, Longyi Li2 1,2 South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China 1 2 Abstract—Performance management of commercial banks is an important aspect of banking business management. this paper makes study about how to use the Balanced Scorecard as a tool, which is applied to commercial banks performance management system, and points out that it breakthrough the defects in the…show more content…
Kaplan and the rejuvenation of the Global Strategy Group 's founder and president, David P. Norton Balanced Scorecard showed the great vitality since it appeared. It can effectively help enterprises give solution on two major problems: performance evaluation and the implementation of the strategy. In 1,000 companies in the world which "Fortune" magazine published, 70% of which used the Balanced Scorecard system; "Harvard Business Review" sees it as the most influential strategic management tool in 75 years. 206 © 2009 ACADEMY PUBLISHER AP-PROC-CS-09CN001 Balanced Scorecard is a new ideas in performance management and apply to the department 's evaluation team. Its core idea is implementation of organizational strategy tool, which through finance, customer, internal processes and learning and development indicators in four are to show a relationship between the organization 's strategic track to achieve performance appraisal performance improvement, as well as the implementation of the strategy - the strategic objectives process of the strategy amended, and raise the status of performance appraisal organizations to the strategic level[4]. B. The application model of Balanced Scorecard in performance management system Balanced Scorecard is not only an indicator of appraisal
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