Study on Customer Services of Restaurents in Hyderabad

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A Study on CUSTOMER SERVICES OF RESTAURENTS IN HYDERABAD [pic] By DINESH YEPURU Roll no: 2T1-14 PGDM Under the guidance of Sri.M.Chaithanya Asst.professor, Marketing A Project Report Submitted to the SIVA SIVANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Partial fulfillment of the requirements of PGDM SIVA SIVANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SECUNDERABAD ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is of great…show more content…
Bennett (1996) described that customer service seeks to establish long term, committed, trusting and cooperative relationship with customers, characterized by openness, genuine concern for the delivery of high quality services, responsiveness to customer suggestions, fair dealings and willingness to sacrifice short term advantage for long term gains. Schneider and Bowen (1999) advocated that service business can retain customers and achieve profitability by building reciprocal relationships founded on safeguarding and affirming customer security, fairness and self esteem. It requires that companies view customers as people first and consumers second. Trust, commitment, ethical practices, fulfillment of promises, mutual exchange, emotional bonding, personalization and customer orientation have been reported to be the key elements in the relationship building process (Levitt,1986; Gronroos, 1994; Morgan,1994; Gummesson,1994; Bejou et al,1998 ). Customer service refers to all business activities directed towards initiating, establishing, maintaining, and developing successful long-term relational exchanges (Heide, 1994; Reinartz & Kumar, 2003). One of the results of Customer service is the promotion of customer loyalty (Evans & Laskin, 1994), which is considered to be a relational phenomenon, (Chow & Holden, 1997; Jacoby & Kyner, 1973; Sheth & Parvatiyar, 1995; cited by Macintosh & Lockshin,

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