Study on Customer's Perceived Risk When Shopping Online

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In this part of the literature review, definition and citations from the authors of the dependent and independent variables in the similar area of research are presented here. (essays, 2007)

• Purchase Intention:

From (pan, 2007, p. 5)the author cited from (Engel, 1990)that defines “purchasing intention as a psychological process of decision-making”. The consumers who are motivated by the fulfillment of demands according to their experience and the environment, then after collecting a certain amount of information, they begin to compare and consider; and finally after comparison and decision, they make the decision on certain products.

 Time saving:

Time is considered as one of a factor that is related with intention to purchase in a shopping. Consumers have their own time, whether to shop or not from the internet. According to (Jensen, 1990), making the shopping trip as soon as possible refers to the time-saving oriented consumers and they prefer store choices favoring quick shopping; people who dislike shopping and approaching for time saving retail stores refers to the economic shoppers or known as "problem-solvers".

In online shopping, it requires less effort and better decision making for consumers who opt to purchase at the e-store (Rosenbloom, 2005)Shoppers may save their time in e-shopping because they do not have to go through any effort on travelling to a mall or saving their time in other psychology factors
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