Study on Diabetic Patients' Knowledge of Their Disease Essay

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A study was conducted to measure diabetic patients’ knowledge about type 2 diabetes, its complications and to identify their beliefs regarding its predisposing factors, together with identifying their practices on aspects related to self-care management. Cross–sectional survey was conducted. Convenient method of sampling was adopted. The study included all adults (≥18 year) type 2 diabetic patients who received medical care in diabetic centers in hospitals and primary health care settings in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia. Overall 670 patients were participated in this study. Of them (61%) were classified as knowledgeable about the disease. The level of patients’ knowledge was found to be significantly associated with patients’…show more content…
Regular exercise has important effects on controlling hyperglycemia and on the prevalence of cardiovascular complications in type II diabetic patients [5]. Helping patients to gain knowledge, skills, resources and support are essential for optimal health and can assist in early detection of the disease and reduce the incidence of complications [6].
Many studies were conducted a round the world to understand the knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) regarding diabetes mellitus among diabetic patients. Knowledge about diabetes was found to be proportionally increased as the duration with the disease increased [7]. Hue et al. [8] found that half of diabetic patients did not adhere to regular exercise and diet and there was no correlation between the knowledge and practice of diabetic patients and their blood glucose control. Maina et al. [9] studied the KAP of diabetes; on average, they found that nearly three quarter of the respondents had poor knowledge and practices about the disease. Assessment of KAP of type II diabetic patients by Badruddin et al. [10] showed overall satisfactory awareness about the risk of diabetes complications, but the misconceptions regarding diet, insulin and diabetes were quite common. In Saudi Arabia researchers identified good knowledge but poor attitude and practices towards diabetes among female patients [11].
Understanding patients’ knowledge, beliefs, and practices towards diabetes, its complications, and treatment is
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