Study on Effective Ways to Communicate Medication List

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The stakeholders in this mission statement are the community members the organization serves. The aim is to reduce the number of hospital stays in order to reduce the costs of healthcare. The transition center was implemented to improve the health of the community, enhance patient experience with quality, access, and reliability, and reduce, or at least control, the per capita cost of care.
Target Population The target population of interest is male and female, English-speaking, and over the age of 18 who are discharged from the Southeastern acute healthcare setting. The patients of interest are cognitive, not in distress, and not pregnant. The significance of the study aims to demonstrate the importance of effective communication as an ultimate parameter to serve the purpose of patient safety and satisfaction. The preliminary function of proportional upshot and practice capacity data is to facilitate consumers becoming active and informed in their healthcare maintenance.
Specific Need in this Environment Approximately "60% of medication reconciliation errors occur when patients are admitted, transferred to another unit, or discharged." (Haynes, 2007). Medication reconciliation…
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