Study on Facebook and Social Media Usage

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1. According to Grahl, Social media are “Services that allow you to upload and share various media such as pictures and video. Most services have additional social features such as profiles, commenting, etc”. There are many purposes of using the social media such as Personal use, creating brand awareness, Marketing, sharing of information, entertainment. Different social media has provided different usage on them thus may serve different purposes. 2. The write Gary Hayden has concluded that using Facebook is depressing and has added stress to people’s life thus does not impact people in a positive manner. Hayden has used the results of a study done by the University of Michigan on 82 participants that were assessed over two weeks to support his conclusion. He has also included that the results of the study is clear and participants are found that their life satisfaction levels have shown to decrease over the amount of times that they logged into Facebook. 3. Social media has brought lots of changes to our lives. Some positive changes include interaction and communication with others. Thus bringing people with common interests or friends together. It has also promoted education & news to us via social media where people share information via links, reviews or applications As Jansson (n.d.) shows, “Students enjoy educational Opportunities where lesson topics, research, creative ideas, and interactive discussions are at their Fingertips.” Thus these are beneficially
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