Study on Maslow's Needs Theory

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This theory constructs five basic types of human hierarchy of needs. These requirements may be related to psychological, security, belongings, self esteem and self actualization. This theory states that the least level of requirement should have to be satisfied before considering the next bigger level Cheng (1995). These requirements are presented by 5 level triangles which he termed it as the hierarchy of needs. Higher level requirements such as self esteem and self actualization will remain silent till the lower level requirements are satisfied. Maslow's states that it is very important to remain socially active so that he should get motivated from his social circle.
Maslow's ideas are surrounding Hierarchy of the Needs related to responsibility of the employers for provide the workplace environment which encourages & enables the employees for fulfilling its own unique potentials are these days much relevant than ever.
Work & ideas of Maslow extends far beyond a Hierarchy of the Needs. Maslow's concept about the self-actualisation has been directly related to present day challenge & opportunity for the employers & the organisations for providing the real meaning, the purpose & the true personal development for its employees (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Not Defined). For the life not only for the work, Maslow saw such issues 50 years back and fact that the…
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