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An Organization’s productivity and efficiency depends to a large extent on what employees think or perceive about their organization. It is a well-known concept that “If you keep your employees happy, they will make your customers happy”. So to make them happy or motivated, challenging jobs, tasks, assignments are to be provided along with better or superior environment to excel in. As a result, we can have two benefits; on one hand it will enhance the employees’ job experience and on the other hand organization’s productivity will increase. Turnover and absenteeism will be low, employee commitment will be high. In short, job satisfaction and dissatisfaction play a major role behind overall employee motivation. Herzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene…show more content…
| Responsibility | * Each employee of the company hold a certain level of the responsibility. They are self-directed and committed to the company. They take risk on their own tries their level best to ensure profitability for the company. It is because they will suffer if the company does bad. “In average-to-bad years,we earn less than our peers in other companies. That’s supposed to teach us that we don’t want to be average or bad. We want to be good. | Advancement & Growth | * There’s always room for improvement at Nucor. Each employee has an opportunity of advancing his/her career through better performance. At Nucor there is no production ceiling or output barrier or restriction. Very high co-operation exists among the managers and workers. Such a congenial environment fosters advancement and growth. And the company excels towards progress and developmen Analyzing Nucor’s Hygiene and Motivational factors; we see that hygiene factors at Nucor are organized in such a way that negative feelings towards work environment are absent or very less. This implies that no job dissatisfaction exists there and even if exists it is very low. At the same time motivational factors are present so job satisfaction comes in the mind of employees, which ultimately reduces turnover, absenteeism, develops commitment and improves job performance. This implies that there is job satisfaction among the workers and it is more likely that they think of

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