Study on Psychology of Leadership

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Running Head: PSYCHOLOGY OF LEADERSHIP Psychology of Leadership Introduction Social psychology, the major branch of modern psychology, is a science that studies and understands the nature of human mind and his mental system when it is at work in social life. Leadership is a psychological as well as a social process attributed by the culture and afforded by the organizational constraints and opportunities. It is underpinned by psychological concepts like motivation, perception, emotion, memory & learning and by relational aspects, which include mutual influence, power, identity, group dynamics and organization processes. The purpose of writing this paper is to explore the ideas about the psychology of leadership that has always been an enduring topic in the field of social psychology. The social psycholological study of leadership has several interesting and important directions and this is the reason that this topic is considered important not only in the social and organizational psychology but also in the business community. This paper will highlight the world's leading psychologist's thinking and research towards leadership who examined leadership as the psychological process (Bligh and Meindl, 2005) .This paper will cover the diversity of topics covered in this field including; psychological concept of leadership; major key psychological theories underpinning leadership behavior, power and influences; cognitive process that categorize individuals as leaders and
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