Study on Six Successful Leaders

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“Study on Six Successful Leaders in Bangladesh” i Report on “A study on six successful leaders in Bangladesh” Prepared For MD: Shibli Shahriar. Assistant Professor. Department of Business Administration. Faculty of business and Economics. Daffodil International University. Prepared By Name Subrata Saha Mithun Smita Paul Shamima Akhter Sanjida Sultana Joytee Dey ID 133-14-1216 133-14-1231 121-14-677 132-14-1096 132-14-1095 Remarks December 12, 2013 ii Letter of Transmital December 12, 2013 MD. Shibli Shahrir Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration Faculty of Business and Economics Daffodil International University Subject: Submission of Report Dear Sir, Following the successful…show more content…
Leadership involves; (1) Establishing a clear vision, (2) Sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, (3) Providing the information, knowledge and methods to realize that vision, and (4) Coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders. A leader steps up in times of crisis, and is able to think and act creatively in difficult situations. Muhammad Yunus (born 28 June 1940) is a Bangladeshi banker, economist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. He is the founder of the Grameen Bank. He gives the loan to rural poor people to be self-sufficiency. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft Corporation and one of the wealthiest men in the world. Bill Gates assisted with the development of Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office which have all grown to be the most popular in each of their respected fields. Bill Gates transitioned out of day-to-day operations at Microsoft in 2008, but still serves as chairman of the Microsoft board. In 2008, Forbes ranked Bill Gates the 3rd richest man in the world. Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (born 18 July 1950) is an English business magnate, best known as the founder and chairman of Virgin Group of more than 400 companies.[2]Branson formed Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984, launched Virgin Mobile in 1999, Virgin Blue in Australia (now named Virgin Australia) in 2000. Vineet Nayar is Vice Chairman and Joint Managing Director
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