Study on Smartphone Usage

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A Research Study of How People Use Smartphones Warren Alexander Bianca DeJesus Kurt Easton Cherisse Hall Chad Smith Table of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Literature Review 5 Motivation for Study 5 Methodology 6 Research Questions 10 Results 11 Phone Usage 15 Conclusions 16 References 18 Appendix 21 Cell Phone Survey 21 ABSTRACT In today’s society, technology is continually advancing. As technology advances so do wireless communication devices and our need for communicative techniques. Understanding the uses, motivators, and characteristics associated with these new forms of communications is important for an individual’s adaptation to these new technologies. This study was done to identify smartphone usage and…show more content…
It should be noted that Gender (Figure 1) was biased towards females but did include a significant number of males. Figure 1 Gender Figure 2 Age Range Age ranges (Figure 2) were representative of varying demographic populations within the United States and were consistent with the 2010 Census Bureau data. Figure 3 Most important choice factors Respondent data (Figure 3) showed the primary reason for smartphone choice was due enormously to phone features and applications available for the smartphone. Smartphone usage data was broken down into 10 categories (Figure 4) with the top 4 being Internet, messaging, email, and social networking. It should be noted that the top 4 are essentially applications that are primarily done from computers and when applied to smartphones, mobility and ease of access is increased significantly. Figure 4 Greatest use on Smartphones Research Questions RESEARCH QUESTIONS The questions explored the following areas: Use of cell phones today including types of phone, usage, age, and gender. In an attempt to understand these areas two broad research questions were formulated. * RQ1 Of the respondents polled who chose their smartphone based on phone features and applications and who were of the age range of 26-35, what were their usages based on gender? Analyze and explain the differences between the choices of the two genders based on their age ranges and the variable influencing choices. * RQ2
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