Study on Teat Tablets of Sodium Ibuprofen

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1. The aim of the study was to work out a prescription for a teat tablet with sodium ibuprofen of high rate of therapeutic agent release. Studies have been undertaken on the evaluation of xylitol and sorbitol effect on morphological and physicochemical parameters of the produced tablets and on pharmaceutical availability of sodium ibuprofen.
2. Two kinds of tablets containing 50 mg of sodium ibuprofen were developed. Sorbitol was the basic formulating component of batch A tablets and xylitol of batch B tablets. Quality tests of the produced forms of a drug (PP IX) were performed and the tests of therapeutic agent pharmaceutical availability by pharmacopeal paddle method and by a method with a teat.
3. The tablets of both batches had smooth surface and the same shape. The content of the therapeutic agent was within the limit 95-105% of the declared value. No essential differences were demonstrated in the profile of sodium ibuprofen release from the tablets of both batches in the paddle test. However, the observed significant decrease of the hardness of batch B tablets contributed to the expected rapid sodium ibuprofen release from tablets tested by the method with a teat.
4. The batch A and B teat tablets with sodium ibuprofen demonstrated the expected physicochemical parameters and high pharmaceutical availability in the spatula test. Batch A tablets with xylitol showed more beneficial applicative parameters and a high value of Q coefficient was obtained for them in
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