Studying Abroad At Regent 's University

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Being immersed in a completely different atmosphere or culture can be intimidating when you are in a foreign country. While studying abroad in London, I have experienced small effects of “culture shock” myself. Culture shock occurs when one is trying to adjust to a new culture that person is unfamiliar with. I interviewed a girl named Lisa who is studying abroad at Regent 's University this semester and is originally from Russia. Throughout this paper I will be sharing her personal experiences on her cultural adaption between leaving her life from home and coming to study in England. When choosing Lisa to interview for this essay, I thought she would be an excellent candidate. Not only because she was from Russia, but the ties her and I …show more content…

I feel that people from the UK are super polite and super elegant at the same time. Always wonder on how they manage to keep up with this because they speak differently than we do in Russia. They are also much friendlier and louder too, which was hard to get use too when coming here,” she stated. I felt the total opposite, I felt that most British people are more reserved and kept to themselves. When Americans are over the top nice and loud. She always began to talk about the study of kinesics of Londoners. She states, that “foreigners seem to smile a lot more here. In Russia when you smile it means that they actually like you. In the UK it means you 're being friendly. It seems a lot like a lot of the body language here is overly nice here. It is super challenging to understand if they actually like me or if they just being nice,” she states. She made it clear throughout the interview on how overall, London is much more friendlier and louder than her culture back at home. When studying, Lisa has openly talked about the feeling of culture shock while being a month into her studies here. However, she states, “it was not too difficult for me to get adjusted into the different cultures here because I am already used to foreign students being at my university, so I felt right at home. When it comes to communicating back and forward with foreigners, like when I want to make a joke or be funny and I cannot say it in English. It limits me from

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