Studying Abroad Is The Best Learning Option

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Studying Abroad
Morgan Reed
Lamar High School

Studying abroad is a learning option in which a group travels around the world while examining the cultures of the places being visited. The points that will be focused on in this paper are the following: how studying abroad is the best learning option, how it compares to college life, and how it will prove to be more beneficial after schooling. In the section about studying abroad being the best learning option, there will be comparisons the between learning programs on an average college campus and the study abroad program. The section comparing the study abroad to college life will explore the daily agenda of a campus student and a student on the study abroad program.
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The learning strategy used for studying abroad is much more open and flexible than seen on a college campus. Students are able to learn in their own way and also decide the pace they want to keep. Students are free of due dates and test anxiety while on the study abroad experience. Studying abroad is definitely a more independent path to take when choosing a learning option. It can be overwhelming for some students that are not typically faced with responsibilities of their own but this just adds to the ways that they can grow ("Sign In: Registered Users").
Study Abroad Compared to College Life Most students that live on a college campus have at least four to five classes a week. After class, the majority of students engage in extracurricular activities, go to sports practice, or attend their part-time job. Once these responsibilities are taken care of, students generally head back to their dorm or apartment to get in some time to study. Late nights are not uncommon and fatigue is not uncommon in most campus-living students (McKoon, "A Day in the Life of a College Student"). A day while on the study abroad program definitely varies depending on the part of the world that is being visited. Cultural differences will change many things such as, what time to wake up, when to eat,
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