Studying Chemical Engineering At Mcgill University

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There are numerous ways to teach a new subject to someone, some strategies work better than others depending on the discipline. Now, I am concluding my final semester of Honours Health Science and will be going to study Chemical engineering at McGill University. Though I do not see myself being a teacher in the near future, I hope that I can continue to tutor people in science-based classes and perhaps one day teach the subject after getting the appropriate degree needed to be a teacher in Higher Education. I hope that one day, I can be a Chemistry teacher at either the CEGEP level, or at the University level. I am choosing this particular discipline, since I am familiar very comfortable with the subject, and because of how Chemistry is everywhere; it’s in the foods we eat, everything we touch, and everything we see. Along with that, every science student at CEGEP level must complete at least 2 Chemistry courses before graduating, and 3 for those in the Health Sciences. Based on what I have seen at College level, certain teaching strategies are better suited than others depending on the course being taught, and also based on the amount of free time a student has that can be invested in a class. The best suited educational philosophies for teaching Chemistry would have to be Realism and Pragmatism. Realism is very well-suited to studying the subject, because of how students learn through studying what goes on in reality (not just in theory) and due to how the philosophy is
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