Studying Effects Of Pressure On Rim

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Studying Effect of Pressure on Rim K.H.Borase1,E.R.Deore2, 1-M.E.Student,,2-Head and Professor S.S.V.P.S.B.S.D.College of Engg. Abstract: Wheels are clearly safety related components and hence fatigue performance and the state of stress in the rim under various loading conditions are prime concerns. Further, wheels continue to receive a considerable amount of attention as part of industry efforts to reduce weight through material substitution and down gauging.Possible loading conditions on the metal rim are: (a) pressure due to inflation, (b) radial loading on the bead seat resulting from the weight of the automobile, and (c) local bending moments induced on the rim due to an offset. These are directly influenced by the width of the rim. In order to evaluate the effect of rim width on stress the rim is analyzes experimentally with constant inflation pressure and variation in rim width. Location of high stresses in the weld area is of major concern for welded rims. Typically, the disc is welded to the rim at the well area. Residual stress causes addition stress or possible micro structural cracks to the rim.[1] Key Words: Fatigue Performance,Tyre pressure,Radial load. Introduction The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of tire air pressure in conjunction with the radial load on the stress and displacement in tire rims, through experimental stress analysis and finite element analysis. Effects of providing a hole or opening(square and round geometry 's )
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