Studying Eras through Art and Architecture

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We are able to see this in a work by Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Simone, also known as Masaccio called The Holy Trinity which was created during the Renaissance period. Masaccio’s childhood, adolescent and adult years had a major influence on his art, and he also ultimately tried to convert people that had lost faith in the Church during the catastrophes such as the 14th century crisis that occurred prior to Masaccio’s birth (Thesis).
Masaccio’s childhood and teenage years had a very big impact on how he viewed the world and the church. Masaccio was born on December 21, 1401 in San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy but actually grew up in Florence, Italy. Masaccio’s father was a notary (a lawyer), and this was ironic because his father was a man of legal work whereas his son would grow up and become a very talented artist. His father died when Masaccio was only five years old. Later that year his brother, Giovanni was also born, and he eventually grew up to be a painter like his brother. When Masaccio was about 20 years old his family moved to Florence, and his mother remarried an aristocrat after the death of her husband in 1406. In Florence, Masaccio was able to do what he loved which was painting.
Masaccio was often seen as strange, awkward and stupid because he wasn’t interested in fashion; politics, people, or…
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