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2ND NOVEMBER 2015 Candidate number: 23639 Tutor: Peter Nicholls STUDYING MANAGEMENT UNIT – FORMATIVE ASSIGNMENT Discuss whether knowing the history of management is useful for studying management today THE VALUE OF HISTORY OF MANAGEMENT 1. INTRODUCTION A deep knowledge of the history of management, together with a reasonable amount of critical thinking, is perceived as a driver that enables prospective students and managers in enhancing their inventive aptitude and creative capabilities (Bridgman, Cummings, 2011). Generally speaking, the knowledge of the past, in its broader sense, is considered as the basis for the development of innovative ideas in all educational fields. The reason behind this is that, an individual may not be…show more content…
Nevertheless, as Webster (2002) discusses in his report, a serious study of the fundamental literature on management is crucial and necessary for all academic purposes since it accelerates the ability of thinking in a critical way, which is an essential aspect for new theory developments as well as for decision-making. 2. THE RELEVANCE OF HISTORY AND CRITICAL THINKING Knowing past theories and principles of management is absolutely a necessary practice for students in order to be able to judge the present and the future with a more analytical eye. Indeed, the history of management finds it roots in very ancient times, and as Jones (1912) says “the art of administration is as old as the human race”. For instance, “The art of war” by Sun Tzu is one of the oldest book treating the topic of strategy, and despite the fact that it has been written more than 2000 years ago in the faraway China, its influence in the contemporary society is still perceived. In this perspective, the book “Sun Tzu War & Management” (1991) by Wee suggests a realistic strategic management model, called Sun Tzu’s Art of War , which tries to extrapolate from the ancient war context the best relevant business practices applicable nowadays (Wu, 2004). Although the Sun Tzu is a book that deals specifically with military strategy, its applications in the fields of competitive business, contemporary management, politics and modern warfare are multiple.
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