Studying Personalized Medicine Through the Cultural and Technical Implications in the Society

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Studying Personalized Medicine through the cultural and technical implications in the society Introduction The world is a dynamic place and so are the needs that individuals face within the society with one of the sectors where needs change in a rapid manner being the medical field. Here, numerous researches have to be conducted continuously with the view of meeting requirement whose complexities increase by the day. Personalized Medicine constitutes one of the areas where such researched have been advanced. This concept has been applied in changing the face of patient management away from what is normal in conventional medicine. This technology as applied in the modern world has presented a number of benefits, both the patients and the physicians (Clayton et al, 2006). However, a number of constraints associated with the practice cannot go unnoticed. Personalized Medicine has been linked to a number of psychological and Sociological effects within the society. The application and distribution of this kind of technology has also been faced with a number of challenges, some regulatory and others related to policy issuing. Further, considerable disparities have been considered with respect to the implementation of the technologic. Among these issues are those that are economic related with other hinged towards aspects of health. Additionally, Personalized Medicine has specific features and technologies whose applications in the practice are vital; these include the
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