Studying Research At Utsa 's Psychology

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Studying Research at UTSA’s Psychology M.S. Program will provide me with the necessary skills and experience to pursue my future career as a Sport psychologist. There are a small number of universities offering specialties in sports psychology, but given the clinical, heath and research feature constituting this interdisciplinary, I want to carry out my research experience at a school with a strong statistical and methodological background. I adore the program for including active researchers with a record of high publication, citation rates as well as the value the program has for a student’s research efforts. With the collaborated concern for clinical, health and research I intend to continue conducting research on the effects parenting styles has on a child’s personality and how personality impacts a child’s weight and exercise choices. As an ambitious and ardent student, I have managed to accomplish more than I could possibly imagine, from successfully implementing an SPSS software and winning 3rd place at the 16th Annual Research Symposium to organizing stress management activities for young girls at the Laurel Ridge Treatment Center. With the knowledge and skills that I have obtained from these experiences, expanding them, applying them and conducting my own sports/clinical related projects is my goal with no plans of stopping. The St. Mary’s research-based psychology program taught me the nuts and bolts of quantitative research, from abstracting 20-paged articles

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