Studying Right and Wrong Behavior in Society

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Ethics is the study of right and wrong behavior in a society. In every professional field, there are codes of conduct that govern the actions of those in the field. It is a noble idea to police and oversee codes of ethics. The crisis lies with the individual who chooses not to pursue the code. There are people who are careless about the consequences of their actions by purely living for the moment, and if jail time cannot discourage them from their deed, a code of conduct will be deemed useless. In our day to day life, there is a blatant violation of ethics without remorse by people who swore to uphold these codes of conduct (Ashforth 3-8). Schools are responsible for modeling our society, either at work or when interacting with others. At Shorewood elementary school in Burien, Washington DC, Mary Kay Letourneau, a 34 year old sixth grade teacher, had a sexual relationship with a minor in her class (Schiedegger 1). Such cases are on the rise in our learning institutions. This is just but one of the many cases of teacher in the past and present day where they have gone against their code of conduct to molesting students. In New York State, the educators have six essential principles to ethical behavior. Among them is that educators should collaborate with parents and community to build trust and respect confidentiality. Mary Kay violates this important principle. Another unethical behavior is sex for grades trade. Although very few cases are documented on this sex for grade
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