Studying Skills Are A Necessity With University And Many Students

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Studying skills are a necessity with university and many students tend to not understand how valuable it is. Studying is when the students sit in an area with all of their necessary belongings and use numerous strategies to understand the material, instead of memorizing through repetition (Merkur, 2001, p. 98-99). This requires a lot of dedication and the students should understand that there is no way of avoiding it because it will reflect on their ability to perform in tests and final exams. The amount of time that is spent on studying will pay off through the reduction of stress and they will be relieved (Browne, 1997, p. 22). Also, it will build the confidence of the students, and by seeing the results that they are expecting will motivate them to continue to study because they will be able to believe in themselves to achieve their goals (Domenico, 1984, p. 88). Studying skills are mastered over time. Therefore, it is important to implement studying skills, such as, having an ideal study area, organization to prevent wasting valuable studying time, and a variety of effective strategies, in order to make studying productive. Having an ideal study area means that the study area is a room that provokes each and every soul to study in its stupendous surroundings; it is as quiet as a library. There are countless quotes and motivational sayings posted here and there all over the plain, blue walls; on the black, leather chairs; on the polished desks; and in all the unexpected
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