Studying The Antioxidant And Anti Tumour Effects Of Pleurotus. Ostreatus Mushroom

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A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON ENDOPOLYSACCHARIDES AND EXOPOLYSACCHARIDES PRODUCTION FROM SOME BASIDIOMYCETES WITH STUDYING THE ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTI-TUMOUR EFFECTS OF PLEUROTUS OSTREATUS MUSHROOM ABSTRACT: Edible mushrooms have attracted a great attention due to their nutritional, as well as medicinal properties. In the present study, different mushroom species were extracted partially purified and their endopolysaccharides (extracted from the fruiting bodies) as well as exopolysaccharides (extracted from the filtrate of cultured mycelia) production were determined to evaluate their anti-tumour and anti-oxidant effects. The present results showed that Pleurotus ostreatus FIII endopolysaccharide has the maximum intracellular production as compared with the other studied mushrooms. Different mushroom’s endo- and exopolysaccharides inhibited the proliferation of Ehrlich tumour (EAT) cells in vitro; however, P. ostreatus FIII endopolysaccharide exhibited the maximum anti-tumour effect. Moreover, P. ostreatus FIII endopolysaccharide showed the maximum scavenging activity compared to the scavenging effects of the control ascorbic acid. Pre-treatment of different concentrations of P. ostreatus FIII endopolysaccharide to EATbearing mice markedly decreased the number of EAT cells one week after incubation in the abdominal cavity of mice in a dose-dependent manner, and reduced the size of solid tumour in the thigh muscle of mice as measured morphologically and examined histologically. These

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