Studying in the Arena of Information and Communication Technology

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The technological marvel of enabling a connectivity grid globally is now an indispensable tool of almost every sphere of life and subject to constant innovations. The magnetism of which has been the incentive for me to plot my future trajectory in Communications and Signal Processing and tapping into its phenomenal potential of enhancing the ease and efficacy of life. The inclination towards the technical arena took root early with a penchant for the play of numbers, mathematics being my pet subject through schooling. My outstanding merit secured me the admission in ECE under Osmania University, which has been the gateway to an infrastructural learning experience along with multiple outlets to channel and polish my aptitude. Consistent…show more content…
Working on Optical fibre splicing, OTDR, Signal analysis for ss7, GSM and GRPRS networks, Cellular RF planning and IP Networking on Cisco routers has honed my skills in the aspect of Cellular Planning. Am also acquainted with the courses in Cisco Certifications which include Cisco Wireless Network Associate and Operating Systems like UNIX and LINUX. Translating the lines from the books into a practical frame in projects such as Bough Woolley Multiplier using Tanner Tools, Number Keypad for Door locking system (using Atmel ATMega8 AVR Microcontroller) and GSM based SMS controlled Robot have been efficacious in tempering my groundwork and refining the finesse. The Gsm Based SMS controlled Robot Project employed designing a robot interfaced with a GSM module (RS232 communications) using Atmel ATMega8 AVR microcontroller. The remotely accessible, battery operated robo-device performs the corresponding output in accordance to the command given through SMS. Its marked utility is for surveillance in critical conditions wherein a human life is subjected to risks. Recruiting precise execution, task oriented approach and fluid adaptability I have received commendation on competitive levels: winning the first prize at Robolympia ’09, second position in two categories at the technical fest SPAC ’09 and being one of the top 10 contenders at Roboveda ’08. I have functioned in the capacity of a steering committee member in the Robotics Club. I find the arena
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