Studying the Energy Industry in University

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I am interested in the scientific, economical and business aspects of the energy industry, as they not only have a big impact on our daily lives, but our future. I know that I would like to be part of this important and growing enterprise in a way that connects science and business. I would l be happy to study either at University, while developing my skills of the other simultaneously. Geology is a science that fascinates me as am hugely interested in how and why Earth was formed the way it was, and the factors involved, from the beginning to the present day. As oil and gas supplies run out, renewable energy that can provide large amounts of power is becoming sought after, and geology is a field that contributes hugely to the energy sector and is certainly needed for renewable energy as well as fossil fuels. Another reason I love geology is the fact that there are so many different types: glaciology, hydrology, meteorology etc., all of which I am keen to learn about, particularly geochemistry as it studies at a molecular level. Likewise, the biology involved also fascinates me, as it includes learning about how geological change affects life on earth. However, without business management, the energy industry would not be able to operate and make the money needed for funding valuable research that could help solve our future problems. I feel that having good business skills gives you the ability to think strategically and make the best decisions. I enjoyed Higher
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