Studying the Internal and External Environment of an Organization

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Abstract There are two dimensions of studying the environment of an organization. The first one is the internal environment and the second one is the external environment of an organization. The forces of the external environment are beyond the control of the management, and all that the management can do in response to changes in external environment is the strategy management in a way that the organizations sets in a least affected position to the environmental fluctuation. The culture and history of the organization together forms the internal environment of an organization. Fluctuations are seldom observed in the internal environment because the environment is in direct control of the top management. This environment plays a subtle role in the organizational development and development of individual managers and the management, as they get a chance flourishes their abilities within the domain of the organization they work in. but irrespective of the measures an organizations take to strike a balance between the internal and external environment the enterprise risk management remains the point of contention. The achievement of business and functional strategies remains the key issues as discussed in the following case paper. 1: Introduction The organizational specifications of the TPG mentioned by the case study emphasize the needs of establishing an organizational culture that can foster the strategic implications organization wide. The need of enterprise wide
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