Studying the Planet Jupiter

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There are many interesting facts about Jupiter’s atmosphere. Jupiter has the largest planetary atmosphere in the Solar system. The composition of the atmosphere is mainly molecular hydrogen and helium. Although water exists deep in the atmosphere layer, the concentration is comparatively very small. (Mahaffy et al., 1998) Until now, there have been no satellites sent on to the Jupiter. Only eight spacecraft sent to bring back information. The eight spacecraft were Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, Voyager 2, Galileo, Ulysses, Cassini, and New Horizons. (Tritonfun, 2008) Among these eight spacecraft, five of them are from NASA. For this mission, an artificial manufactured satellite that functions as an orbiter will be send to the orbit of the Jupiter to study its enormous atmosphere and the weather on the Jupiter.
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Mission Profile:
The destination of the spacecraft is the orbital that above the Jupiter’s atmosphere. The spacecraft will be function as an orbiter. It will orbit with the Jupiter in a 10 hours period, which is the rotation period of the Jupiter. No probe will be used for this mission owing to the reason that there is no solid surface on the Jupiter. The focus of the mission will be on the troposphere layer of the atmosphere, and the surface of Jupiter. The goal of the orbiter is to monitor the temperature and pressure conditions, and the chemistry and…

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