“Stuff, Stuff, I Am Surrounded By Stuff.”(Line 1) We Look

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“Stuff, stuff, I am surrounded by stuff.”(line 1) We look around and all we see are belongings that we might not even use or need. Although we don’t acknowledge it, keeping ties and papers from ten years ago is a characteristic of hoarding. There is just a little hoarder inside all of us. It is part of human nature. The emotional value that we give to objects play the biggest role when deciding to keep or get rid of something. We collect and save some items because it helps us remember the past or a person that is not longer among the living. However, some people become obsessed with the idea of collecting. This obsession eventually turns into a disorder. Memories, sentimental value, laziness, and procrastination are the main reasons why…show more content…
In addition, hoarding does not discriminate between children and adults. Hoarding behaviors have been reported in children, “the behaviors are often less noticeable” ( author and page)due to early intervenience. Nevertheless, we all collect and protect some objects that we grasp onto with sentimental value and memories. “But mostly, there is the more generalized stuff, the stuff we all hold on to for inexplicable reasons”(Knapp 4). Many times we feel the need to save items that mean something to us, maybe some papers from high school or that favorite shirt from the 8th grade. Piles of Magazines, pictures, or that old and rusty piece of metal sitting in the garage are all attributes of a hoarder. If we look around, it is very noticeable that we all hoard at some level. It is part of human nature to feel compelled to things, that remind us of the past. Memories keep many things alive, whether is a past event or a family member; they give us some type of comfort. According to Dictionary.com, hoard is defined to be a “supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc…” The concept of hoarding means that objects we intend to protect and save are selected because of the thought of comfortability in the future. This definition reinforces the statement of why memories and sentimental value are the main reason why we hoard. The words
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