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In the film, I felt there were three themes running through the film that I found interesting and one theme that I disliked. The film showed that the cave drawings found were made by prehistoric man over thirty thousand years ago and the people viewing the drawings were in awe of the fact they were still around. Another theme running through the film was that art is inherently part of being human. The film also was continually demonstrating the need to preserve these cave drawings. The film also made some suppositions and filmed them as if they were true without providing proof or facts. When they found the cave and then the drawings they immediately knew they had found something significant. They sealed the cave to ensure nothing was…show more content…
They sealed the cave and would only permit people, by invitation, to enter the cave. Once in the cave, the people were admonished to touch nothing and to only stay on the metal paths that had been installed. People were only allowed inside during March and part of April each year, although the film never explained why this short period was the only available time. In the postscript, the film showed some nearby dangers that may affect the drawings, the nuclear power plant in itself could ruin the drawings if it was to have a meltdown. Also, the waste products from the power plant have raised the ambient temperature in the ecosystem close to the caves, which may affect the inside temperature of the caves. These caves and the drawings inside them have been around for thirty thousand years, yet our current society could cause damage in a scant twenty…show more content…
We as a people view the world as what can it give us now without looking too deeply at consequences. In the film, they discuss the power plant being just 20 miles away and how it may affect the drawings in the cave. The power plant provides heat and electricity for numerous people that will never get to see the drawings so they are not worried about destroying them. If these drawings are allowed to be destroyed most of the world will never care or probably never even know about them. They still need to be preserved for our future. Even if only the drawings are ever able to be seen through photographs or movies, the originals still need to be saved for future
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