Stuffed And Starved Summary

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Throughout the book “Stuffed and Starved”, Raj Patel, the author, makes connections between the current state of the world food system, and the Malthusian and Rhodes dilemmas, the first, proposing that the world population is growing exponentially, but the resources to feed this growing population are finite, whereas the second suggests that hunger leads to unrest, hence as long as people are kept fed, they won't revolt. Patel sections the system and points out to the defects at all levels—starting from the fundamental unit—the seed, going broader touching upon redistributors, consumers, corporations, and, above all, governments and policies. The five major areas Patel criticizes I would like to emphasize are: prevalent selection of desirable…show more content…
Such unnatural crop selection slowly transforms our lush lands into monocultures, depleting the soil, harming the bees and other wildlife. To one mono-crop—soya bean—Patel devotes a whole chapter of his book, titled Glycine Max, that exposes the massive industry of soya bean production and post-production: from the soybean oil, to food for the cattle, to the enormously popular food additive lecithin. Hence, against the superpower of those who stand behind the soya bean business, one way to rebell, according to Patel, is to start cooking from the scrap, from simple ingredients and not prepacked foods brimming with additives. However, it is easier said than done,”I don't really like Ranch dressing, but can't seem to not have a salad without it” claims my friend…show more content…
He presents the promotion of The Food Pyramid as the Golden Mean of nutrition within the 20th century, and not just in the Westernized Parts of the World, but worldwide, in places where for centuries a local food, ensured the nutritional balance and the survival.That has created a desired foods. Additionally, promotion of frozen foods and canned foods, was another type of strategy ensuring that people want certain things. A strong example Patel provides, that shows the level of absurdity the changing of the taste-bud conspiracy can lead to, is about a certain kind of sh, that's been fished near the coast of one of the countries in South America, processed and canned in Norway, and send back to that country to fill in grocery stores. This shipping of food from various parts of the world to people that “naturally” want it, and are entitled to have it, brings us to the next issue Patel looks
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