Stuttering Is The Most Common Speech Disorder

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All people stumble over words; however, they quickly move on from it. For a person who suffers from stuttering just the simple anticipation of a disfluency occurring can have a person filled with fear, anxiety and even anger. Stuttering can prevent people from wanting to engage in social situations with the fear of embarrassment that their disorder can cause them. Stuttering is a fluency disorder which causes interruptions in the flow of speech. These interruptions are called disfluencies and can affect people of all ages. Although more than 70 million people stutter worldwide, 3 million of them Americans, stuttering is the least common speech disorder. Children are affected by stuttering between the ages of two and five. Boys are twice as likely to stutter as girls. About one percent or less of adults stutter. Stuttering is inherited, there are no known environmental causes. If a person has inherited this trait it can be triggered by a traumatic event. “After stuttering has started, other factors may cause more disfluencies. For example, a child who is easily frustrated may be more likely to tighten or tense speech muscles when disfluencies occur. Such tension may increase how long a disfluency lasts” ( Stuttering is hidden disorder and it is completely unknown whether or not someone stutters until they speak and their stuttering occurs. However, even then people who are not familiar with this disorder, will not realize that a person has it. There are
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