Style Approach to Leadership Essay

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In the investigation of the various characteristics and styles of leadership the emphasis of the style approach is the focus on the actions and behavioral characteristics of the leader. There are two behaviors of the style approach that researchers have observed: task behaviors and relationship behaviors (Northouse, 2007). People who are in roles of leadership should possess both behaviors to be successful in their position and maintain motivation and the quest for achievement in their subordinates. Task behaviors are those traits that keep others motivated to work to complete objectives. Relationship behaviors are characteristics and actions that leaders possess that make others feel respected and want to work towards goals. Unlike other…show more content…
I trust that they, unlike me, have the knowledge to design creative and effective media to enhance the course instruction. However, I do ensure that I lead them to focus on creating media that clarifies the objectives I need to complete for the course. I do not have experience in being a leader in a situation where I am with a group of peers; therefore I knew my task behavior score would be below average. In one particular course, I tried to take a creative lead and purposely directed my media developers to develop media that I thought was correct, however, during the process of the course I quickly learned that I should have held a more passive role in the leadership process of the media content. Since the completion of that course, I have learned that sometimes to be a leader you must fail in order to learn what you should have done differently. In this instance, I learned that in order to be a good leader to my media team, I need to communicate to them what I want and then allow them to take a creative lead to create meaningful media for the instruction. Monty Python, a writer and producer in the movie industry is quoted as saying, “It’s self-evident that if we can’t take the risk of saying or doing something wrong, our creativity goes right out the window…. The essence of creativity is not the possession of some special talent; it is much more the ability to play” (Bennis,
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