Styles Influence Of Communication In Military Organizations

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Obviously, the structure, systems and leadership styles influence communication and its manifestations in any organization (military, industrial, commercial). Nowadays, in the light of the modern technological and organizational revolution, the military organization is increasingly similar to civilian institutions; nonetheless, it differs in a radical way – its members must be always ready to pay the supreme sacrifice: their life. Due to this life-binding commitment, the military must act like a rigidly-stratified organization, in which each level is linked to its hierarchical superior or subordinate by immediate and loyal allegiance.
The organizational structure, as mentioned before, is strictly stratified. It manifests – formally and informally – through diverse attitudes, behaviors, conducts, reactions, between otherwise equal members of the society, classified and empowered by the institution according to rank and position. The hierarchy is rigid and must be obeyed under all circumstances, by all members of the organization, regardless of their race, color, status, age, gender etc. When the hierarchical flow does not move smoothly across the organization, communication is obstructed. This is
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Taking into consideration that the military organization is mainly characterized by group work, cooperation and coordination among isolated elements, it is critical that the level of communication between the members of the organization be optimal, a characteristic which falls under the responsibility of the leader, constantly concerned with facilitating clear and efficient transfer of information. Consequently, the inherent conditions of communication (transparency, freedom of expression, respect for others’ opinions, positive feedback) are conscientiously respected by all the members of the organization and come to define modern military
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