Styles Of Fashion

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shirt that many women wear today. The dresses worn by women were of long, sheer fabric with either a V-neck in the front or V-shape in the back with a fabric lip, resembling what one might see at a red carpet event today. Woman would also wear thin stockings or paint on their legs to resemble the stockings, resembling tights or pantyhose worn today, and high heels that were black in color with ribbon or accents that may be seen in business professional attire or paired with dresses today. Women’s hair was styled as short cuts with tight curls made on the sides and on the back of the head. Hats were also very commonly worn with these hairstyles, tilted to one side to reveal one side of the face more, resembling a fedora type style.…show more content…
Men could also be seen wearing button-up sweaters which resemble a sweater that could be seen worn by high school jocks similar to the ones in the movie Greece. Pants were very much fitted during this era and had a saving grace for men in a multitude of ways, a zipper (Marketti and Angstman, 2013, Marketti and Tortora, 2015, Riding, 2013, Young and Young, 2012, and 1930s Fashion for Men: Style Shaped by the Great Depression, 2015). Men could be seen wearing shoes, called brogues, with the same basic colors or combination of colors that their suits reflected and are an influence to shoes called loafers that many men sport today. Men also sported socks that were newly revised with Lastex that kept the socks up on the legs and were decorated with patterns such as argyle, chevron, and diamonds (patterns also saw in women’s suits of this time), which are patterns seen in many different clothing items of today’s age. Men would be seen with durable gloves made of leather, compared to working gloves of today, and scarves of silk, which could be compared to a Wild Rags commonly worn for style and warmth today in the western industry. Men also dressed up their suits with tie pins or cuff links that many men wear when dressing up today, paired with a wrist watch, sometimes rings, and most importantly sunglasses. Men had
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