Stylistic Analysis of Parmigianino's 'Madonna with the Long Neck'

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Stylistic Analysis of Parmigianino's 'Madonna with the Long Neck': (i) Artist, Title, Period Style and Medium: The much acclaimed painting 'Madonna with the Long Neck', Italian name, Madonna dal Collo Lungo is the work of legendary Italian painter Parmigianino- born in Parma, Italy in 1503 and hence the name Parmigianino while his real name is Girolamo Francesco Mazzola. The painting dates back to the period 1534-1540 with the medium of the painting being 'Oil on panel' having a dimension of 216x132cm. The period style is 'Mannerism' which was painted for the Church of Santa Maria dei Servi at Parma and is considered as a masterpiece of the finishing stages in the art of Parmigianino. Although Parmigianino worked on the painting for six long years, yet it remained incomplete. (Web Gallery of Photo, 2012) The work conveys a rather detached poetical feeling with the effect emanating from the marvelous abstraction of forms that has been effortlessly rounded under the even and glossy color hues. The mannerist painting takes it subject from an allegory in medieval hymns to the virgin that related her neck to a great ivory tower or column. Opposite to the traditional understanding of the virgin as an allegorical depiction of the church, this imagery was also later found use in poems. The embellished length of the limbs of the virgin and her son, as also the columns appearing in the background of the painting are not created for their ornamental worth, rather it renders the

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