Stylistic Analysis of of the poem 'Going'

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USE OF FOREGROUNDING IN THE POEM TITLED “GOING” The author of the poem “Going” had a specific message that he intended to set across to his readers. To do this, the author used a number of stylistic elements that include foregrounding, imagery, symbolism, diction, synthetic parallelism and structure among others. This essay intends to give a brief stylistic analysis of the poem and describe how these devices have affected the meaning of the poem. Basically the poem “Going” according to the essay is about a new era that is coming into a society, associating the poem with the theme “Change”, whereby this era has its own downsides and benefits, those which will both be endured by members of the society. The author makes his remarks on the…show more content…
This is in lines two and three of the third stanza, to show that he has not enjoyed any fruit from the evening he associates the sense of feel, which he expected to encounter these fruits with his hands. He even emphasizes that he did not benefit from the new evening by using the word “cannot”. To contrast the idea the poet intended to put across in the third stanza he closes the poem with a question which expresses the oppression the new system is making on the poet. This is by the use of the words “loads my hands down” to show that he cannot feel the benefits rather fills burdened by something he does not know. In terms of style the poet in the first three stanzas has maintained a three-lined stanza pattern to indicate the flow of the theme (Change). Rather the last line deviates from the pattern to indicate the difference in ideas it hold with the preceding stanzas making it a climax. Considering the devices discussed in the essay, it can be noted that the use of these devices contributes to the theme the poet has adopted. This is to say that every device used in the piece, projects the theme in the reader’s mind in one way or the other and without them, it would be so hard to determine what the author had in mind. CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF MALAWI FACULTY OF EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH COMMUNICATION STUDIES COURSE TITLE: STYLISTICS COURSE CODE: ENG 3204 ASSIGNMENT:
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