Stylistic Analysis of the Advertising Slogan

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Stylistic Analysis Of The Advertising Slogan ---------Perfume Introduction Along with the rapid development of society and economy, advertisements have penetrated into every stratum of the society, becoming the indispensable part of our daily life. Like newspapers, magazines, television, radio, films, telephone directory, art performance, the Internet, and even the human body, advertising makes use of various media to deliver information to the consumer. Absolutely, we are confronted with it all the time. For its important role, advertisement, hence, has been studied by a large number of linguistics from different angles on different levels. This paper will discuss the stylistic features…show more content…
An example like, Calvin Klein: Be good, be bad, just be yourself. We are one for all for ever. Ⅲ. At the Lexical Level Use of the celebrity's personal story Unlike most other ads which take advantage of large numbers of adjective, the perfume advertising does not attract the potential customer by piling with positive but useless adjectives such as beautiful, glamorous, graceful, wonderful and so on so forth. Instead, these kinds of luxury advertisements fix their eyes on celebrity, or we can say models. And slogans are usually accompanied with a magic love story. This is a very interesting watching focus of these types of advertisements. They usually have plots, conflicts, and the final settlement. At the beginning, the audience would think they are reading a story or watching a play. But when the perfume appears, they suddenly realize the fact that it is not a story or a play but an advertisement. Usually by then, they have already been attracted, and fall into the trap of the advertisers. Moreover, we have to mention another reason to use the celebrity is make the perfume untouchable and extravagant. Buyers can feel like being under the spot like those celebrities do. Just like a gorgeous woman said, "Every woman alive wants Chanel No.5", every woman has a yearning for being concerned and lives her princess dream. 2. Sometimes use of personal pronouns The use of second person pronoun "you" tends to shorten the distance between the

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