Styro Glue

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Pollution is one of the main problems the world faces today. One of the reasons is the overload of non-biodegradable objects like plastics, cans and Styrofoam. The invention of plastics and Styrofoam made a huge change in our society and it helped us in many ways. But it is also one of the main pollutants that destroy our planet. Because of these we devised a way to recycle used Styrofoam, and this is to make glue out of it. This glue can help reduce the number of Styrofoam that will be thrown away. Styrofoam is made of polystyrene beads which unravel into fine strands whenever it is melted/dissolved. Due to the unraveling of polystyrene, the Styrofoam will become a thick like gel. When it is a gel, it will be
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Polystyrene's chemical formula is (C8H8)n; indicating that it contains the chemical elements carbon and hydrogen. Polystyrene’s properties are determined by short range van der Waals attractions between polymers chains. Since the molecules are long hydrocarbon chains that consist of thousands of atoms, the total attractive force between the molecules is large. When heated or, equivalently, deformed at a rapid rate, due to a combination of viscoelastic and thermal insulation properties, the chains are able to take on a higher degree of conformation and slide past each other. This intermolecular weakness versus the high intramolecular strength due to the hydrocarbon backbone confers flexibility and elasticity. The ability of the system to be readily deformed above its glass transition temperature allows polystyrene and thermoplastic polymers in general to be readily softened and molded upon heating (Maul et al., 2007)

A more common name given to polystyrene is Styrofoam, which in truth is actually a brand name. Because of its inherent lightweight characteristic, Styrofoam has found many household and industrial applications. Companies produce Styrofoam building materials, including insulated sheathing and pipe insulation. Styrofoam insulation has been used in many notable buildings and facilities in North
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