Sub Cultural Theory And Youth Crime

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Theories that refer to sub cultures can be used to explain how the groups that are considered to be “sub cultural” can be linked in with crime involving youths. The theories that will be used to help prove this are ‘string’,’ sub cultural’, and ‘anomie’ theories. Sub cultural theory emerged from the work of the Chicago school. The relevance of sub cultural theory to youth crime could be the theory of the dangerous classes being a danger to others. Included in the “dangerous classes” would be Gang culture and the resulting “moral panic” that ensues with the general perception of the word “gang”, the perception being that “murky underworld, populated by gangland bosses, family-run crime syndicates and mafias who specialise in the trafficking of people and drugs and other forms of high-level organised crime.”. “Gang culture” and the subsequent theories revolving around the dangerous classes only really came around WW2. Most would believe this is due to the discontinuation of national service. The main ideas of sub cultural theories are that the individuals of sub cultural groups hold different values to those who do not, most of the ideas revolving around subcultural theories is that individuals who become involved within sub cultural groups do so as a reaction as they don’t feel accepted into mainstream culture. In the case of the “Mods” & “Rockers” of the 60’s their violent clashes made headline news like the clashes in 1964 in a number of seaside resorts with 2 youths being
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