Sub-Saharan Africa: A Vibrant, Diverse, and Intriguing Region of the World

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Sub-Saharan Africa The sub-Saharan region of Africa has traditionally been seen by the Western world as a barrier between the more "civilized" areas of the northern part of the continent that were colonized by Europeans and the deep, jungle regions common to the rest of the continent. The area below the Sahara desert was seen by colonial settlers as wild and dangerous. It was treated as its own separate entity, but in reality, this is not the case at all. Sub-Saharan Africa is very diversified in terms of ethnicities, languages, economics, politics, religion, and more. While it may still not be as industrialized as the northern part of Africa (with the exception of the country of South Africa), it is a very vibrant, diverse, and intriguing region of the world. In fact, the African Union prefers that the Sahara desert be seen as a bridge between northern and southern Africa, and not a barrier between two different worlds. In fact, the Sahara desert itself and its harsh climate and landscape, which makes it difficult to traverse it, has been the main reason for the prevailing view of there being two Africas. Until recently, interaction between the two regions was not an easy or common thing, precisely because of the Sahara desert itself sitting in the middle of the continent. The human species is thought to have originated in sub-Saharan Africa a million or so years ago. At this time, the Sahara was just forming into the vast desert we know today. The Sahara used to be a

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