Sub-Server Case Study

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Age: 16 almost 17.

Location/Timezone: EST.

Do you use TeamSpeak and Skype (do not give out your skype name): Yes and Yes.

How long have you been playing Hysteria for: A total of 1 and a half years. (Ever since it was Basic)

How long can you spend online and how: I can spend 5-7 hours on because I am home-schooled and I always stay up late.

What single sub-server do you spend the most time on (factions, practice, soup FFA..): Practice.

Have you ever been banned, if so why: ~None~

Why you should be staff: I am not that bad in screen-sharing so I will definitely be able to SS in teamspeak if a player is fishy but is hiding whatever hacks they are using pretty well. I am also mature when it comes to something I care about, in this case, the server. I will be mature while bringing some Positivity to the people in the community. I will be well-mannered no matter the case, such as confronting cheaters and rule breakers. I also feel that being too serious about the server will cause others to not have the best experience in the server. So yeah, in summary, I will be mature while not being too serious and I will also do as much as I can to catch cheaters and get them out of the server. I will also try my hardest to make the server a more enjoyable place by doing whatever I can in my power, even if it means taking time out of my day to help other players and just hang out and interact with them.
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I also know some technical stuff about the game if that would be a good reason to include. I am learning about how to make plugins so I can definitely bring more to the server whenever I full understand plugins! I will also treat players that have hate towards me just like any other player, with
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