Subanon Folk Literature

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(The People of the River)

The Subanon, also called the “Subanu,” “Subano,” “Subanen” are the biggest group of lumad or non Muslim indigenous cultural community on the island of Mindanao. The word is derived from word soba or suba, a word common in Sulu, Visayas, and Mindanao, which means “river,” and the suffix “-nun” or “-non” which indicates a locality or place of origin. Thus, “Subanon” means “a person or people of the river”; more specifically, “from up the river,” since they are usually differentiated from the coastal and plain inhabitants of Zamboanga Peninsula. Blumentritt mentioned the “Subanos” in his accounts, referring to them as “a hethean people of malay extraction who occupy the entire peninsula of Sibuguey
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|In the morning it goes up. |
| | |
|Khulambo |Kapag gabi’y pumapanaog |
| |Kapag Umaga’y pumapanhik. |
| | |
| |Mosquito net (Kulambo) |
|Ditu bhehe-en pa phetapis |When young she’s dressed |
|Ba miselag na mi dlebas |When old is undressed. |
| | |
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