Subclass 457 Visa Case Study

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How Subclass 457 visa has made working in Australia easy? Australia, a developed country with the world’s 12th largest economy is one of the wealthiest countries on the globe. It not only offers a quality life, health & education benefits, financial flexibility and political rights protection but also has always given scope to secure a great life and future.
Besides its cosmopolitan cities, excellent infrastructure and healthcare facilities, Australia also offers huge career and employment opportunities to its overseas skilled workers. Thus aspirants seeking immigration to Australia can migrate through subclass 457 visas.
Why work in Australia?
Lately, the government of Australia has seen a good jump in its job market, which made it good
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Australia Skilled Worker Visa – Subclass 457
Australia Subclass 457 Skilled Worker Visa provides you the best pathway of working temporarily in the country and getting a permanent residency status eventually. This visa allows employers of Australia to sponsor international skilled workers who are eligible for the vacant positions in their company and for which the country is facing shortage. Holder of Subclass 457 can also become an Australian permanent resident after a few period of time.
Basic Requirements of Australia Subclass
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• Family can accompany the skilled worker once employment has been secured under this visa.
• Furthermore, this can increase your chances to secure permanent employment should you wish to stay in Australia for an indefinite period.
• The skilled Immigrant can only work for the sponsoring company and is not allowed to take up job in any other company or sector during the period when he holds the Subclass 457 visa.
Immigration to Australia, does seems to be a vast basket of golden opportunities, and to avail this, the most important thing is to get involved in the right kind of visa program, suitable for the ones willing to immigrate.
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