Subconscious Narcissism

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For the past few centuries, western society has wanted to do nothing more than expand. More land, taller buildings, higher population counts, more, more, more. Western society has pounded the concept of conquering the world into the minds of younger generations, practically demolishing the idea of valuing the earth and taking care of it, and instead imploring that it be sucked dry in a selfish rampage. In recent years people have decided to break this barrier by making their way back to “traditional” living, or more commonly known as self sufficient living. This type of lifestyle is leading to less influence from modern ways and breaking down the wall that has been constructed in their minds. Self sufficient living creates a more competent…show more content…
Looking at how humanity has failed to remain humane is to gaze upon the failure of nature and the surrender of basic human emotions. In today’s society there are so many issues to be assessed with oneself that hardly no one takes the time to care about their millions of brothers and sisters around them. This sort of never ending subconscious narcissism is something that people living a self sufficient lifestyle fight against. Self sufficiency can translate into psychological health, by using the same definition. This sort of transcendent psychological health comes through spiritual, natural, and involved lifestyles (Taylor). When one takes the time to provide for themselves they feel more productive and generally more pleased with their overall life choices. They become confident and no longer seek approval from others. This leads to less desire for material goods and status, and also allows them to become more altruistic and thoughtful towards others…show more content…
When taking care of animals that one relies on for food and nutrition a mutual bond is developed between man and beast. Harris commented that this sort of bond made him “more real,” implying that when one cares for an animal in that specific situation they will do what they can for the animal, but if it is suffering and nothing can be done then they won’t prolong it’s pain and will do what has to be done. This creates a compassion for animals as well as other people. Seeing first hand, someone else’s pains and sufferings creates a depth of compassion for others that in today’s society seems to be overtly absent (Harris). Collectively one can determine that a certain level of altruism comes from this, because at the end of the day, the human race is just a large pack of mammals, suffering together, but blind to one another’s
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